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Witchcraft on a budget

Witchcraft on a Budget Series

Part 1 - Herbs

There are so many ways of practicing witchcraft on a budget and this series will go over a few ways on how to do that.

We have all seen these absolutely GORGEOUS pictures all over social media of spell work, altars, candles, herbs and Grimoires aka Book of Shadows. If you are new to the craft and are just starting out and / or are on a tight budget, it can seem really intimidating. 

If you’re like me and you may think to yourself “I just don’t have the money to replicate that or anything similar” and then get disheartened or think that you just don’t have what it takes to become a witch, to follow your calling.  I am here to tell you that practicing magic does NOT have to cost a ton of money, or ANY extra money!

5 Foundational Herbs  

First of all, the MOST IMPORTANT part of witchcraft is YOU! Your intention, your emotion and your focus are the ONLY things required to practice.  That being said chances are you already have the foundational herbs in your spice rack:

  1. Salt – For protection
  2. Sage – Purifying and Protection.  You do not need White Sage, regular garden sage or what you have in the cupboard will do just as well, with the added bonus of not appropriating a practice from a culture that you are, more than likely, not a part of. 
  3. Rosemary – Protection, luck and can be used to replace ANY herb you may need for your working. 
  4. Bay Leaves – Wishes, Manifestation, Purification, Protection and I like to write my wishes on one then burn it
  5. Cinnamon (sticks & ground) – Money Magic!!

The Dollar Store

So in the section above I went over a few of the foundational herbs that you probably already have in your kitchen.  Well what if you don’t have those herbs you may ask.  We all know that prices are going up and getting spices at the grocery store can be very pricey.  When I need to restock my foundational herbs I take a trip to the Dollar Store.  That’s right, the Dollar Store!  

In the past I have bought herbs in bulk, but I didn’t use them as fast as I thought so that was money wasted.  The awesome thing about getting your herbs at the dollar store is the price of course but also the amount you get is pretty much perfect, especially if you are new to witchcraft and are just starting to stock up on herbs.

Grow your own


Another way to  save money on herbs is my favorite.  Grow your own!!  Seeds are not that expensive, you can get so many plants out of one $2 or $3 package, AND you can use your EBT card to purchase them!  If you don’t want to grow from seed, during the spring/summer you can simply buy a small start for a few dollars and nurture it all season long.

Whether you are growing your herbs from seed or starts this give you the opportunity to really put your energy into the herbs as you water, care for and harvest from them.  It is also an excellent way to get to know each herb personally. That may sound silly but when you spend time growing your herbs you get to know the plant and its properties quicker and better, that’s how it worked for me.

Of the foundational plants listed in this article I grow sage and rosemary, both of these plants are annuals which means that they don’t need to be planted each year and they are hearty plants.  I have mine in pots on my patio, both of them are several years old and I love them.  Where I live, in the PNW, I can leave them out all year long and they are perfectly fine.  

Drying these herbs is VERY easy.  Just tie them up and hang them anywhere you want.  The key however is that they get good air circulation and I make sure they get some good indirect sunlight.  You could also dry them in your oven at VERY low heat and for several hours.


As you’ve read it is very possible to practice witchcraft on a budget, you can use whatever you have on hand and as I mentioned before, you probably already have these fundamental herbs in your kitchen already. If not, give one of the other options I shared a try.

Let me know what other ways you save money in your practice, I would love to hear from you.


R. Morgan

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