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The Chariot

Tarot 101 – The Chariot: Harnessing Inner Strength and Achieving Victory

Chariot Tarot Meaning

The Chariot is a symbol of ambition. It represents success, expansion, and youth.  It can also indicate that something in your life is not quite right or you don’t have a clear direction. Its reversed state can also indicate that you have lost the desire to take charge of your life. 

The Chariot represents expansion

The chariot is a symbol of expansion, which can be helpful when one is struggling to find direction. The chariot is flanked by two sphinxes, one in black and one in white, signifying opposite but complementary energies. The chariot itself is a metaphor for the journey of the ego. The chariot represents the psyche, which is always in motion and never stands still.

The Chariot Tarot card can also represent expansion in your career. It can indicate a time when you need to expand your horizons, increase your revenues, or pursue a new direction. It can also be a sign that you need to cut back on drama and focus on positive influences instead.

It is a card of ambition

The Chariot Tarot is a card of success and ambition. It represents the ability to see a goal through and to remain focused on it, despite obstacles. The Chariot also represents achieving your goals despite personal challenges. Whether you’re working toward an important goal or a romantic relationship, the Chariot can provide insight and direction for your life.

It represents success

The Chariot Tarot Card symbolizes success, movement, and control. It promises success in business ventures or a promotion in your current job. It also represents success in an idea, if you have the drive and self-belief to achieve it. The Chariot Tarot Card also encourages you to take charge of your finances. By planning your finances carefully, you can achieve great results.

When this card appears in a love situation, it encourages you to take charge of your love life. It also symbolizes overcoming limiting beliefs, anxieties, and romantic obstacles.

It represents youth

The Chariot Tarot is a powerful symbol of transformation, both inwardly and outwardly. In its most common interpretation, this card symbolizes personal health and triumph in all areas of life. It is the perfect card to use to help you make a change in your life or in your love life.

The Chariot represents your willpower to get things done and the ability to conquer obstacles. You must be willing to take risks, challenge your own limitations and be a leader in your field. Chariots can be associated with business expansion, a promotion, a secret project, or other opportunities. Whatever the case, you need to have a clear destination in mind and be willing to take risks in order to reach it.

It represents a time for personal growth

The Chariot represents a time when personal growth is essential. It’s a time when you need to focus on your goals and pursue them with passion. You may have to compete with others and face obstacles in your way so you need to have courage and set your boundaries.

The Chariot is an image of power and ambition. It represents those with a strong mind and spirit who are able to overcome obstacles. This card can also indicate a need to overcome difficulties, move past influences that are no longer serving you, or expand your horizons.


Reversed, the Chariot can indicate an overly ambitious or self-centered approach to achievement. You may be trying to reach a goal too quickly or going too far. If you’re ambitious, it may be time to reassess your plans and take action.


 Its reversed state can also indicate that you have lost the desire to take charge of your life.

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