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Tarot 101 – The Lovers: Exploring Love, Choices and Duality

Intuitive Interpretation

The LoversAh The Lovers.  We get excited when this card shows up in a spread.  The possibility of a new love on the horizon is exciting indeed.  In an established relationship it can point things getting back on track and the connection and passion between those involved is about to deepen.  The Lovers also remind us the need to be vulnerable, honest, trusting and intimate, not only in a relationship but also with ourselves.

This card isn’t just about romantic relationships.  It can also speak to deep emotional connections we have with family and friends.  It can also show us that we may need to give ourselves the same kind of love we give to those around us whom we love.  Self-love is the key to healthy, loving, respectful relationships.  When we love ourselves, we see out value and in turn see the value of others and that is a good foundation on which to build.

At its core The Lovers is about choice and the possibility of being able to balance giving wholly of yourself yet not losing yourself.

Traditional Meaning

The LoversA card of open communication and raw honesty.  Of meaningful relationships, romantic and non.  In a relationship (love) reading it could suggest a deep soul connection, where the passion is so far beyond just the immediate need it can be a spiritual experience. 

Depending on the querant’s relationship status this could signal that a new lover could soon be coming into their lives, as well as indicating that an existing relationship may be about to go next level.

As mentioned above this card can also show us that we need to get back in touch with ourselves and practice some self-love so that we can reconnect with our whole being.

On the flips side the Lovers can maybe show that feelings may not be shared, or that things could be strained in the relationship, communication just isn’t happening like it should, or has in the past.  This too shall pass and if the parties involved are committed, they can weather this storm.

Reversed this card can show us that maybe we haven’t been showing ourselves the love and respect we should, or that there is an internal conflict that is causing some distress and it’s reminding you to choose the path that is the most inline with your highest good.

Fierce Love,



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