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Tarot 101 – The Hierophant: Tapping into the Divine Energy of Tradition and Authority

The Hierophant is the counter part to the High Priestess and is usually depicted as a Pope or Teacher depending on the deck.  The Hierophant is based on the Greek hiero-, “sacred,” and phainein, “to show” and is a term designating the manifestation of the sacred (

Intuitive Interpretation

The HierophantWhere to me the High Priestess is about tapping into your inner magic, the Hierophant is all about tapping into the spiritual, connecting to the divine, the Universe, a higher power and learning how to  it manifest it into our lives. In most decks that I have seen 2 people face the Hierophant as if they are listening to a lecture, sermon or receiving some very wise advice.

I have found when this card turns up in a reading we are about enter into a period of learning.  We will either be going deep inside ourselves to learn the lessons we need in order to move our spiritual practice forward or to heal, or someone is about to enter our lives to teach us something.  This could come in the guise of a new friend, co-worker or even a formal teacher that we actively sought out so that we can learn what we need to know in order to gain the next level of our spiritual growth.

This card isn’t strictly limited to the spiritual, it can also indicate a time of formal education.  It could be urging you to take that class you have been thinking about, or completing that degree you were never able to finish before life got busy.  The Hierophant could also be a reminder that you have knowledge and wisdom that should be shared.

Traditional Meaning

the hierophantTraditionally the Hierophant represents established traditions, belief systems and learning the fundamentals first in order to gain a solid foundation on which to build.  Find yourself a teacher, mentor or guide, someone you can trust, to teach you the foundations of the belief system/spiritual path that you have chosen.

If you are already established in your belief system/spiritual path this card could be calling you to share your knowledge and experience. There is a student out there looking for someone to teach them what you know.

On the flip side it the Hierophant could be an indication that it’s time to break from tradition, if you’re set in your ways and this card comes up it could be an indication that it’s time to change things up, rebel a little, challenge the status quo.

Depending on other factors this card could also be telling you that you need to trust your own knowledge.  You are your own teacher; your tutelage has ended and it’s time for you to go out in the world and apply all that you have learned.

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