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Tarot 101 – The Empress: Nurturing Your Creativity and Abundance

Intuitive Interpretation

Third up in the Fools Journey is The Empress, the ultimate earth mother.  Full of life, creativity and creation itself.  She is a woman in her prime and can represent the Mother energy of the Maiden, Mother, Crone trifecta.

The Empress calls us to create, to nurture, to expand.  Whether that is to create art or a family, to nurture your dreams or those of others, to expand your mind or the people you impact daily, it doesn’t matter the specifics.  The point is now is the time to really focus on these things.

   Each person is different, obviously, so for one person the Empress could be calling them to start seriously thinking about starting or expanding a family and discussing that with their partner, if that is what they really want in their heart of hearts.  For someone else she could be calling them to give birth to the business idea they have been thinking about for a while now.  Yet still another to could be called to start creating the art they feel called to create, the medium doesn’t matter.

She can also be calling you to celebrate and own the divine feminine that resides with in us all, regardless of gender or gender identity.

The flip side of the Empress can be smothering, over protective, controlling and maybe even co-dependent.  If this sounds familiar it’s time to move from a mother-child relationship (even with yourself) to a more equal and balanced relationship by allowing yourself and others to be more independent, trusting and compassionate.  

Traditional Meaning

The Empress represents a strong connection to our femininity, which can translate in many ways from sensuality to creative expression, from elegance to nurturing.  It’s necessary for creating balance.  She calls you to connect with the divine feminine and create beauty in your life and to connect with your senses.

The Empress also signifies abundance, growth and being surrounded by everything you need to live a comfortable lifestyle.  Take the time to reflect on all that you have when She appears in your reading and offer gratitude for all you have and the hard work that brought you to this place of abundance and luxurious comfort.

She could also be calling on you to nurture something or someone in your life.  She is the ultimate care-taker, but be careful not to take it so far as to become controlling, smothering or stifling. This includes your own creativity.  You could be experiencing a block of some type or another.  It’s important that you just let it flow, with no concern about what others may think, just let it flow.

This card can also be telling you it’s time to take time out for you.  Create a space for yourself where you can practice self-love and self-care, however that looks for you.  It could be taking the time for a luxurious bubble bath or going on a walk out in nature. Whatever it is, the Empress is calling you to take the time for you.

The opposite side of The Empress as mentioned above is a smothering clinginess, passive aggressiveness and probably guilting those around her, into doing what The Empress wants others to do for them. She can be over-protective which could come from a place of not believing others can navigate live correctly without her direct interference that she probably disguises as “Help”. If this is someone that you know, keep your distance if at all possible. At the very least work on separating yourself from them emotionally/mentally if at all possible.

If this describes you, consider what could be causing you to act this way, and work on healing those parts of you that have been hurt by others.

I would love to hear your thought and experiences with The Empress, so please comment below and as always…

Fierce Love,


*The deck used in this series is the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake.

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