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Purifying Black Salt Scrub

DIY Purifying Black Salt body scrub

I want to share with you all how I make my purifying black salt scrub.  The base has only three ingredients.


  • Salt, I used Himalayan pink salt this round (I have used regular table salt and course sea salt in the past)
  • Food grade activated charcoal
  • Oil, this time around I use fractionated coconut oil, but I have also used olive oil in the past.  I usually will use whatever I have on hand if I am in a pinch.

Now I don’t really measure things, but I will say with the activated charcoal you do not want to use more than ONE capsule, unless of course you’re making like a ½ pound of the scrub.

After you have made the base, you can add whatever herbs or essential oil you want to fit your need.  The base is the purifying part of the scrub.

I use this scrub as part of a cleansing ritual I do before I do my live FREE Tarot & Oracle readings on Twitch.  (If you would like to join the fun click here to join my Twitch community.)  I also use it on the full moon when I do my other cleansing / banishing work for the month.

Check out my video to get the rest of the details on how I make the powerful cleansing and purifying body scrub.

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