Stripped Jasper Stretch Bracelet for Grounding & Spiritual Work


This Stripped Jasper Stretch Bracelet is a grounding tool made of ethereal stone and copper, perfect for those seeking mental clarity and grounding after meditation or spiritual work. I

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This Stripped Jasper Stretch Bracelet is perfect for grounding after meditation or spiritual work with ethereal stones like Moldavite or Phenakite. The bracelet contains copper which enhances the grounding properties of the stones.

The bracelet is comfortable to wear and fits a 5 1/2 inch wrist, but can be made larger upon request.

Stripped Jasper is known for its ability to bring people down to earth and promote mental clarity. It’s particularly useful for readers, mediums, and healers who want to perform higher spiritual work while staying grounded. Carrying Brown Stripped Jasper can also help in work situations.

Copper is a powerful conductor of energy and can activate and open the base and sacral chakras. It enhances intuition, sexuality, desire, and vitality, directing these energies toward personal growth and evolution. It can also help identify and overcome barriers to personal development.

Add this Stripped Jasper Stretch Bracelet to your collection for a powerful grounding tool that can help you stay connected to the earth while pursuing your spiritual path.


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