Abundant Earth


This beautiful Moss Agate and Lava Bead bracelet combines the grounding energy of Moss Agate with the fiery energy of Lava Bead to help attract abundance and prosperity into your life.

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Moss Agate is known for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, both in terms of material wealth and emotional fulfillment. It helps to strengthen your connection to the earth and nature, which can be incredibly beneficial when seeking abundance and balance in your life. The Lava Bead also brings in a fiery energy that can help to clear away any blockages and make way for abundance to flow freely.

Wear “Abundant Earth” as a reminder that abundance and prosperity are available to you at any time. Let the grounding and stabilizing energy of the Moss Agate help you to connect with the earth and attract abundance in all areas of your life. And let the fiery energy of the Lava Bead clear away any blockages and make way for abundance to flow freely.

This bracelet makes a great gift for anyone who is seeking abundance and prosperity in their life, whether it’s in the form of material wealth, emotional fulfillment, or spiritual growth. It’s a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry that can help to bring balance and abundance into your life in a variety of ways.”


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