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Rixipyle Oil

About Our Amazing Products

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Our products 

Created with purpose and intention, they truly are one of a kind. Read on to learn more

About our Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry is carefully and lovingly made by hand by our resident artisan/spiritual worker, whose careful eye for detail and magical intention are infused into each and every piece.


Some pieces are further charged during ritual for specific purposes such as self love, protection, courage and grounding to name just a few.  This purpose of the piece will be detailed in the product description.

About our Oils

Our line of oils is about to expand!!  Our oils are made with strong intention, during the proper moon phase and are activated during ritual. These are very powerful oils and great care is taken when crafting them.  The herbs are grown specifically for these oils, and when it’s not possible to grow a specific herb, they are locally procured, are 100% organic and of the highest quality.


The carrier oil we use most often is a very high quality olive oil, for bath scrubs we use a high quality, organic coconut oil.  The carrier oil used will be stated in the product description.

About Our Candles

We offer hand dipped candles, pillar candles and jar candles.  Our hand dipped and Pillar candles are made from high quality, locally sourced beeswax.  The jar and 7 day candles are made from organic soy wax blended with a bit of the local beeswax used in our dipped and pillar candles.

The spell candles are made with the herbs added to the wax, then stirred and poured with intention. The whole candle making process is done as a ritual in and of itself.  We do not add an excessive amount of herbs to our wax for two reasons. 1) we don’t need a lot to get the results we want from a working and 2) an over abundance of plant material in the wax causes a very high fire risk and we want you to be safe.

Money drawing candles

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Uluwatu Jimbaran ST, 1919 - Bali, Indonesia

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