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3 Uses for Rixipyle Oil (Obstacle Removing) & the 2 part process in making it

Today I want to share a bit about the Rixipyle oil that we will soon have for sale in our shop.  I will talk about a few of the ingredients used and why, how it came to me and three of the I use it.

I will start by telling you that I am a devote of Hekate and Rixipyle is one of her many epitaphs and it means “She who throws down the Gate”.  I see Her as is a gatecrasher.  I call upon this energy when I have what I see as obstacles in my way that are hindering my way forward, or when I can’t SEE how I to reach my desired outcome.  To me and in my experience the Rixipyle energy is nearly as powerful as Hekate Brimo, the Angry One, but is bit less wild.

Ritual oils have been across cultures and practices for centuries if not millennia and still are used today.  There are oils for many purposes, and this got me to really thinking about their uses and how to make my own without appropriating recipes from cultures that I am not a part of. This is very important to me and my personal practice.

I want to stop here and mention that Hoodoo Conjure oils are probably the most well known when talking about ritual oils.  My recipes are NOT Conjure oils.  These are my own recipes and not taken in any way, shape or form from Hoodoo. As a white woman I view Hoodoo as closed to me since I am not part of that culture. Again, I feel very strongly, for myself and my practice, that it is not my place to participate in or take from any culture that I am not a part of.  But you do you and work as you feel called.

At the writing of this blog the moon is waning, and I use the energy of this phase to start the removal/banishing portion of the oil. The waning moon is an excellent energy to work with when it comes to removal, shrinking/diminishing work which is why this oil is always started during this moon phase.

Part 1 – Obstacle Removal

Step One

I started by clearing and cleansing my work area followed by casting a circle to protect the work I was about to do.  The bottle I am using as my master bottle I cleansed a few days prior and had it on my altar for added blessings from Hekate.  I begin with adding the dry ingredients to the bottle a few of which are as follows along with the properties I called upon for oil.

  1. Sulfur – Removes barriers and negative thoughts.
  2. Cayenne Pepper – Removal of obstacles.
  3. Lemon Grass – Clears the path and removes blockages.
  4. Bergamot E.O (Essential oil) – Stops interference.

There are few more “secret” ingredients I added to this part of the oil.  After the dry ingredient and the E.O were added I used the rest of an oil I created last year called “Clear the Way”.  I prayed over each ingredient calling on the properties I wanted activated for this part of the oil, before adding them into the master bottle.

Step Two

Once everything had been added I swirled the mixture counterclockwise to remove the obstacles that are standing in the way.  As I was swirling the mixture, I said more prayers for further activation and blending of all the herbs and oils so that they will work together to bring about the desired outcome.

Step Three

At this stage the master bottle is left to sit on my Altar until the dark moon when it will be set outside to absorb that energy.

Part 2 – Drawing in

After the new moon I will start the drawing in part of the oil.

Step One

As with part one I start by cleansing and clearing my workspace and casting a circle to protect the work.  I then add my dry ingredients, a few of which are listed below:

  1. Sweet Orange E.O – Prosperity, success & happiness
  2. Cloves – Protection & Luck
  3. Cinnamon – Fast activation of Prosperity & success
  4. Sandalwood (chips & E.O) – Good luck, protection & success

As with part 1 there are a few more “secret” ingredients added and each one is prayed over to activate the properties needed to complete the oil.

Step Two

After the dry ingredients have been added I top off the master bottle with Olive Oil for abundance and swirl in a clockwise direction to bring IN prosperity, success and abundance while saying more prayers for further activation and blending of all the herbs/oils/spices so that they will work together to bring about the desired outcome.

Step Three

I now leave the oil to steep on my Altar until the full moon when I will put it outside to charge.  The following day it will be poured into cleansed and blessed dropper bottles.  At this point it will be ready for sale and use.


Now to the fun bit.  The 3 ways I use this oil.

  • I dress green when I need to increase my earnings.
  • I dress an orange candle when I have reached some type of financial blockage.
  • I add to my bath oil for an added kick when I have an interview or other type of meeting where I may need a boost to get the outcome I desire.

There are so many other ways this oil can be used.  Let us know how you use it.

Fierce Love,


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